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The QPTV Debate


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A year has passed since we experienced the wrath of Super Storm Sandy and still there are strong reminders of the devastation and destruction that was caused on that ill fated day and night. I remember watching the news and then going out to see what had happened for myself. I went as a concerned resident of Queens and as a concerned person looking to do something, anything to help. At the time I was a candidate for State Senate in the 12th Senate District. I remember asking myself, “where are ALL the elected officials even the ones whose districts weren’t adversely effected by the storm? Why weren’t they out doing what they could?” I was so conscious to not say that I was running for office for fear that it would be misconstrued that I was doing things just for a photo op. I quickly came to realize that not everyone was that noble and respectful of the victims. Some people, elected officials and prospective candidates, publicized their every move and action for the sake of a photo op and a word in the press. Where are they now? Where are all the things that were promised to the people a year ago? All levels of government have failed the victims of Sandy, not just in Queens but throughout our area. I was asked to give the city a grade to their response and I quickly responded “F”. They have failed the people enormously. It is inconceivable that a city such as New York City is not capable of putting its residents back into their homes in 12 months. It is unacceptable that after 12 month’s there still is no semblance of a plan that would lead anyone to believe that they are any safer today or that the city could respond any better than they have to date if another sandy were to occur. That in itself should speak volumes of the lack of urgency, ability and priority that the city has demonstrated to the people of Queens and more directly, the people of the Rockaway’s. I had the pleasure of visiting the Rockaway’s, particularly B59th Street where I met with some great people from the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance. I was there for their community outreach in promoting Bicycle riding, bulb planting and a constant challenge of the Beach cleanup. It was inspiring to hear the stories of the some of the residents and also to see the passion the people had to restore the Rockaway’s once again to a place they call home. On another occasion I had the pleasure of a guided tour by Robby Schwach who took me through the different areas of Breezy Point and Rockaway’s. We stopped and discussed the progress, or lack of progress, that has caused people and visitors to become disenchanted not only with the city but with the state and federal government as well. I can’t say that I blame them at all…..It has been confusing to understand that they have not been able to assist families and individuals to get back into their homes yet they found $4,000,000 for bathrooms on the beach? That had to be the most ridiculous thing that I had seen of all my journeys through the Rockaway’s. Queens has beachfront communities throughout the peninsula that most people throughout the United States would dream of. We have the opportunity to make the Rockaway’s all that we believe it can be. To restore the boardwalk and bring back commerce, bring back the Playland for children and adults to enjoy. We can speak to business and create urban enterprise zones that will drive new businesses to the Rockaway’s and we can help all small businesses thrive through partnerships and tax credits that will afford them to opportunity to hire people. Queens is a great borough; the Rockaway’s is one Borough President away from becoming the destination location of all that travel to New York City. With my vision of Commerce, Healthcare and Entertainment we can make the Rockaway’s the envy of all beachfront communities. With some hard work, we may even get a small stadium to promote minor league baseball. We can do great things but it has to start with a vision and a plan. It has to start with a Borough President that understands the people and that can gain the trust and confidence that he will provide the things that he and the people agree to do, because it’s a partnership. That’s the only way we can succeed is if we do it together and we have the same vision. That’s my hopes for Queens and more importantly that’s my vision for the Rockaway’s. On November 5th I hope that I can gain your confidence and that I have the opportunity to work with you all to make our vision a reality.




Aurelio “Tony” Arcabascio


Candidate for Queens Borough President.

Woodhaven Residents Block Association
I had the great pleasure of speaking to the congregation before afternoon prayer services at Muhammadi Center in Jackson Heights. 
Thank you to all for your time and hospitality. 

Thank you to Frank Dardani and the Ozone Tudor Civic Association for allowing the time to speak at their meeting on Thursday night.  It was great to hear of all the positive things that are happening in and around Tudor village with respect to the positive zoning changes.  It's important that we maintain the character, charm and the personalities of of your neighborhoods.  It's what makes them unique and it's what makes Queens the great borough that it is. 



We are proud to announce that we have been endorsed by the League of Humane Voters of New York.  Thank you for your confidence in our ability and commitment to protect the lives of our loved ones, our pets.


Please visit their website to see the list of candidates the League of Humane Voters of New York is endorsing for this 2013 General Election.



Thank you to North Shore Towers, Felice Hanna and the entire management team for allowing us the opportunity to hold our Town Hall meeting at their wonderful facility.  It's always a pleasure to visit North Shore Towers and I truly enjoy my visits there.  Thanks again and we'll be glad to be back there anytime you'll have us!



The NYC Voters Video Guide was released yesterday for the General Election. Please take a few minutes and watch.

Thank you to NY1 for coming out to our Town Hall meeting and conducting an interview for their Queens Borough President segment shown on 10/16.  It was a real pleasure to meet Agnes, she is just another one of those bright and hard working reporters from NY1.

Thank you to AARP for spending time with us yesterday morning and discussing the findings of their research regarding issues concerning our Seniors. We discussed the demographic information as it pertained to Queens specifically and talked about how we can work together to help our Seniors in the future.  Thanks Chris for your time and hospitality!





Great time at the Annual Columbus Day Parade in Astoria.  It was truly wonderful to see all the dignataries and guests at the parade.  A wonderful day and a wonderful turn out along the parade route of proud Italian's and all Queen's residents to join in on the celebrations.  A great big THANK YOU to Joe DiPietro President of Federation of Italian American Organizations and Jerry Iannece for another fabulous job!  See you again next year.


An article today Sunday October 13th, regarding our first debate.  For the record, my opponents closing line had nothing to do with the 1% comment, it was part of my closing but rather had to do with my criticism of her comment regarding a disaster recovery and safety plan for the people of Queens particularly the Rockaways.  I responded that "I have written Disaster Recovery plans for corporations and Business Continuance plans that have been executed in time of need and they have worked."  I was speaking from a position of knowledge not from a distant hands off pperspective as she was doing at that time.

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